Developing CBD products with peace of mind

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CBD pour animaux

Developing CBD products with peace of mind

The CBD revolution and benefits of this increasingly popular cannabinoid aren’t just for humans.

Like us, dogs, cats and horses all have an endocannabinoid system that helps maintain balance within the body, a process known as homeostasis. Recent scientific studies exploring the benefits of CBD for animal welfare are the starting point for new avenues in animal nutrition. However, before companies can market animal food products, they need to obtain an authorization to use CBD as an additive. The process is long and requires the efficacy and safety of each product to be fully documented.

As a pioneer in the European market, Spectrums Europe has set itself the mission of developing high purity phytocannabinoids backed by demanding specifications and certifications. These are the basis for a wide range of feed projects that combine quality, compliance, and efficiency. Ensuring traceability, impurity control and isomeric purity means that testing is both reliable and repeatable.

Based on these exacting requirements, Spectrums Europe has developed its CBD Optimaceuticals range. Their ingredients have been precisely defined and their novel food files recently declared valid by European authorities. Optima CBD is a CBD isolate that is +99% pure with no THC, verified to 2 decimal places (0.00%). Optima Broad Extract is a broad-spectrum extract containing 85% CBD, as well as other major phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBE and CBC.