CBD is a common good. Emerging at the crossroads of ecology, biology and a certain idea of freedom, it crystallizes the new promises of personal care. But today, in view of rather confusing offers, it seems urgent to defend the right of industry players and consumers to access a CBD complying with the regulations, of rigorously substantiated quality and guaranteed origin. This is why we have decided to publish this manifesto in the form of a charter laying down the main principles of a fundamentally ethical CBD!

Because hemp is a plant capable of meeting many challenges of sustainable development, but also because it is the source of unprecedented active synergies, we have made the choice of a naturally derived CBD from committed and very precisely controlled sources.

Organic and Vegan,

Offer certified extracts

  • From USDA organic certified hemp
  • Cosmos and Natrue approved
  • Certified by the Vegan Society

In order to go further, we are currently working on the organic certification of our ingredients (ECOCERT and NATRUE).

All our extracts are GMP and EFfci certified.

DNA sequencing

Ensure the most perfect traceability

In order to guarantee the most perfect traceability of our products, we control the quality and the filiation of our mother extract, the Crude Oil, via DNA sequencing methods. Methods of barcoding and metabarcoding ensure the genetic identity of our product, guaranteeing the link with the variety of cannabis sativa L that we use to the exclusion of any other plant.


Laying the foundations

for a sustainable future

More globally, Spectrums Europe is initiating new projects aiming at analyzing the life cycle of its products and at the CSR certification of its activities.

If the science of phytocannabinoids is still young, by associating with the leading analytical laboratories it is now possible to exceed the standards and offer extracts and isolates of very high definition.

99% +

Offer the highest levels of CBD

Our isolates contain more than 99% of the desired active ingredient. They give you access to the purest products on the market with a rigorous control on the absence of THC and a control of the absence of heavy metals measured on more than 10 points.

0,0% THC

Exceed regulatory standards

To guarantee flawless purity, Spectrums Europe products exceed the standards with a detection threshold of less than 0.0%. In accordance with European regulations, they are obtained from plants with a THC content of less than 0.3%.


Agreeing on

the most stable consensus

The validity and relevance of analytical methods are essential to ensure the quality of CBD products. All Spectrums Europe products are analyzed with the AOAC 2018.11 method. This method is the only validated and internationally recognized method to date. Other methods are under development, but still require validation steps, including inter-laboratory validations.

Because consumer safety and regulatory compliance are intangible principles, we do our utmost to prepare solutions for tomorrow.

Novel food :

2 validate applications in progress

Spectrums Europe has submitted applications for its Broad Extract 85% + and its CBD Isolate 99% + to EFSA as of January 2021. These have already been declared valid and are currently being evaluated. To meet the new demands of the European agency, Spectrums Europe has launched a series of additional studies that will further complete the set of data on our products.

Feed :

1 application in preparation

CBD is considered as an additive intended for animal feed. It must therefore receive a positive opinion from EFSA before it can be authorized for marketing and use. We are studying a functional additive whose file should be submitted in the first half of 2023.

Promoting CBD in cosmetics does not go without inducing claims in a more or less explicit way. The regulations, but especially the ethics, require to bring proof of its actual effectiveness.



the latest scientific knoweledge

Véritable actif multifonctionnel, un nombre croissant de publications scientifiques atteste de la large palette de propriétés du CBD - Anti-inflammatoire, antioxydantes avec notamment un effet protecteur contre la peroxydation des lipides, sébo-régulatrice, anti-acné, maintien de l’homéostasie épidermique via la régulation de différenciation des kératinocytes… Ces publications nous fournissent un premier cadre de référence à partir desquels envisager de possibles applications cosmétiques.

True multifunctional active, a growing number of scientific publications attest to the wide range of properties of CBD - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant with a protective effect against lipid peroxidation, sebum-regulating, anti-acne, maintenance of epidermal homeostasis via the regulation of keratinocyte differentiation... These publications provide us with a first frame of reference from which to consider possible cosmetic applications.


Provide objective evidence

of the efficacy of CBD

Pour aller plus loin que les simples références bibliographiques, Spectrums Europe a développé la gamme Optima CBD XB, des isolats et des extraits à large spectre dédiés aux applications cosmétiques. Leurs propriétés sont étayées par une série d’études in vitro, ex vivo et in vivo.

To go further than literature references, Spectrums Europe has developed the Optima CBD XB range, isolates and broad spectrum extracts dedicated to cosmetic applications. Their properties are supported by a series of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies.

  • Sebo-regulating activity (in vitro)

    A test on human sebocytes showed that our Optima CBD, a 99% + isolate, dosed at 1µM, reduces by more than 20 times the production of lipids induced by chemical stress.

  • Anti-inflammatory activity (in vitro)

    In the same test, Optima CBD has a strong anti-inflammatory activity with a significant decrease of IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-α.

  • Antibacterial activity (in vitro)

    The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Optima CBD has been measured on different bacterial strains. It is 0.1% on Staphylococcus aureus and 1% on Escherichia coli.

  • Soothing activity on skin and scalp (in vivo)

    An emulsion containing 0.1% Optima CBD tested on a panel of 23 volunteers selected for their dry and reactive skin, showed a significant decrease in the symptoms of sensitive skin: decreased sensations of tingling, decreased effects of tightness, and decreased visible redness.

    A treatment shampoo containing 0.1% Optima CBD, evaluated on 22 volunteers, soothed the scalp in 95% of cases and prevented the appearance of dandruff in 75% of cases.

In accordance with the specifications of the most demanding players, each Spectrums Europe ingredient has undergone rigorous safety screening, including the following tests :


A reverse mutation essay on bacteria, to evaluate the mutagenicity of an active ingredient.


In vitro micronuclei test on mammalian cells, aimed at evaluating the clastogenicity (DNA breakage) and aneugenicity (appearance of abnormal chromosome) of an active ingredient/ingredient.

Search for the main allergens

List of 26 allergens controlled at European level.

Use under dermatological control


Eye irritation

HET-CAM, skin irritation measurement according to OECD 439 standard.

Non phototoxicity

According to OECD 432 standard.

CBD does not define the entire horizon of hemp phytocannabinoids. Nor does published scientific knowledge define all the territories of application of CBD. This is why we believe it is important to explore and unlock the full potential of not only CBD, but also other important molecules such as CBG. At Spectrums Europe, we have undertaken a cosmetogenomic screening of CBD and CBG across the entire human genome.


Because we were there at the very beginning, exploring the possibilities with the first growers in the mountains of Colorado, I became convinced early on that the future of CBD had to be based on transparency and scientific information. This is precisely Spectrums Europe's project: to study and contribute to standardizing the entire spectrum of CBD's properties as well as other hemp phytocannabinoids, in order to answer the needs of the most demanding players.

Founder of Spectrums Europe