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SPECTRUMS NEWS: activating inspiration

The future of CBD is invented every day.  New products, regulatory news, trends… The idea of Spectrums News is to share with you these key insights that allow you to build avant-garde proposals with the assurance of quality products that exceeds the standards.

The CBD revolution is underway. It’s understood. But it comes with a regulatory and scientific complexity rarely reached in the fields of health and well-being! In line with Spectrums Europe’s vocation of transparency and excellence, Spectrums News aims at bringing you both inspiring and dependable information for sharper CBD innovation. On a regular basis and with the moderation that is due, we will share with news and insights as so many conversation starters.

Get to know the Spectrums universe better

Not all CBD is created equal. Traceability, the environmental and social impact of hemp cultivation, the quality of extraction processes, the extent of analytical information as well as the supportive documentation system, are all dimensions that condition the quality and reliability of the hemp extracts you use. By taking you regularly to our fields, factories or laboratories, the idea is to promote exceptional CBD to effectively and safely deliver on the new promises of beauty and well-being.

Anticipating the regulatory framework

In Europe, it is not uncommon to see CBD products being developed regardless of the regulatory framework. However, we know that things are going to become clearer and that the authorities will intervene for a cleaner more ethical market. Taking sides for full compliancy, Spectrums Europe has submitted Novel Food applications for two of its flagship ingredients: OPTIMA CBD (CBD ISOLATE 99%+) and OPTIMA BROAD EXTRACT. In parallel, Spectrums Europe has initiated a similar process with the FSA in the UK. We will of course keep you informed of the evolution of these initiatives.

Inspiring creation

The science of the endocannabinoid system, the history of hemp, new beauty or well-being applications… the territories of exploration and creation around phytocannabinoids are obviously numerous and are constantly growing. Thanks to its market watch services and its network of experts, Spectrums News will bring you as many original and inspiring points of view on trends and scientific news to imagine the product concepts of tomorrow.